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Balikbayan Box

   ...from anywhere in the islands of Hawaii..

        Charity Cargo, our exclusive agent in Hawaii, is 
  managing and operating our Balikbayan Box collection
  and consolidation within the islands.  

      To  date, this operation represents the largest of this 
  type of freight-forwarding activity in the state.

      Offering a flat rate for cargo (Balikbayan) boxes, our
  collection agents can pick-up any cargo of this nature
  from any location within the islands. 

       Afterwhich, these boxes are carefully consolidated
  and loaded in our facility in Honolulu from where we
  offer a guaranteed safe and timely delivery to any point
  in the Philippines. 

                                                   anywhere in the Philippine Islands..

     Upon arrival in our facility in Metro Manila, the boxes are carefully sorted and segregated for distribution and delivery.

      This is where our company's operations differ and excel above the rest of the competition. 

      With our own fleet of delivery trucks and equipment, we guarantee that each box that is sent thru us, is handled solely by our own staff and personnel.

        Safe, timely and economical door-to-door delivery is our promise and guarantee.
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